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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pet Family Portrait


Today I started the much anticipated (by me, lol) 5 pet portrait for a new customer. The piece will be 2 feet by 1 foot- stretched canvas, and acrylic paint. There's one dog- and four cats! I did a number of sketches of everyone before I left for my vacation to get the ball rolling... then one was formally chosen, and details were discussed! I've chosen photos, flipped them and printed them etc, and have started the painting process. This painting should not take too long, as it's small and in acrylics. However, it's much larger and more complex than the Wellie painting- (see below_) so I'm really curious to see how it turns out! It's coming along quickly so far. This painting will likely change DRAMATICALLY in the next session alone. I also found that I don't have any raw sienna... ): Sigh. Off to Micheals!

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