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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pet Family Portrait


Today I started the much anticipated (by me, lol) 5 pet portrait for a new customer. The piece will be 2 feet by 1 foot- stretched canvas, and acrylic paint. There's one dog- and four cats! I did a number of sketches of everyone before I left for my vacation to get the ball rolling... then one was formally chosen, and details were discussed! I've chosen photos, flipped them and printed them etc, and have started the painting process. This painting should not take too long, as it's small and in acrylics. However, it's much larger and more complex than the Wellie painting- (see below_) so I'm really curious to see how it turns out! It's coming along quickly so far. This painting will likely change DRAMATICALLY in the next session alone. I also found that I don't have any raw sienna... ): Sigh. Off to Micheals!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poppies, 3 ways! COMPLETE!

I have finally (after MONTHS of work) Completed my Poppies. Because they were done in traditional oils, I had to wait long periods of time between layers. Today, I threw in the towel! (well, I actually threw "OUT" the towel...!) I signed my name and there you have it! I am planning to sell what ever paintings I can right now, as I am just finishing a 6 week bout of being unemployed... (I just went back to work yesterday full time!) Any revenue I can generate now would be great- just to begin to cover the art supplies! (: (darned expensive, I tell you! But OH so worth it...)

If you see a poppy painting you like, let me know. There has been ALOT of attention on these paintings from interested potential buyers, but I didn't have them up for sale yet. I will likely put these up for real on Etsy in the next week or so, and if I do, someone else might have their eye on them!

How much, you ask? GREAT prices, I respond! Check around! These paintings are 4 foot long- VERY large, hand stretched, are created with high quality oils and non- yellowing medium, and will be shipped to you next day. I have painted the edges, leaving framing as an option, and not a necessity.

These paintings are up for sale at my website,

If you have a coupon from a previous purchase, feel free to use them. Current commission customers receive 25% off if wanting to make a completed artwork purchase. (this counts as a coupon)

I will be starting to show progress on a new pet portrait very soon- perhaps as early as tomorrow. The forest painting will be a bit slow going as I'm getting to the last few layers, and the paint is going on thick. (takes forever to dry, even with the special medium and fans) I will work on the pet portraits (there's actually two_) in between the time I have on the forest painting. It's getting close though!

Thanks so much for reading!

Forest Painting Progress... Day Five/Six

Well, I finally got a chance to work on Cynthia's forest painting today! It was beautiful outside- so I used this to my advantage and painted for quite awhile. It looks like now that I'm more than half done, that there will be about 5 days to a week between layers, because it takes that long to dry, as my paint becomes thicker and more pure toward the last few layers. This happens because I add less thinning agent as the work progresses. I figure I'll need 3 more layers- MAYBE four to finish. I've been adding details to the birch trees, and adding more trees in general. I'm using the Japan fast dry medium in liberal quantities- to speed the drying process up. I began to really layer the subtle ground colors (with a magenta-purple base) mimicking the photo I'm working from. The painting is taking on an impressionistic-modern feel with obvious paint strokes and a thick texture. I have been outside in full view of my neighbors, and have gotten quite alot of positive feedback on those passing by. The photos here show the progress from the session before I left for vacation (that I never posted photos for until now) and today's progress. (:

Feel free to comment! (Especially you, Cynthia! You're co-piloting here if you like!)

Thanks for reading

Monday, June 22, 2009

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge...

Another day in NYC! We walked the Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO into Manhattan- twice! Also went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and took a few photos of the sunset. Just 3 more days in NYC... time always goes so fast!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens...

Some beautiful photos we took yesterday! (:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Going On Vacation! New York City!

Hello Everyone;

ALL commission work has been put on hold until I return from my trip. Expect work to pick up the weekend of the 27th. Anyone requesting drawings (as I can easily take paper and pencil along) MAY have limited progress.
I'm heading to New York early tomorrow morning! I have been so busy preparing to leave I have not had much of a chance to work on art or post any new photos- it's alot of work to set up a garden, house, two pets, and everything else for over a week. We will be staying in an apartment in Greenpointe, Brooklyn from the 17th until the 2th. I will likely post up some pics our adventures. I hope to get some shots of the sea life at the Brooklyn aquarium we plan to visit for artwork!

I did however, receive another informal (the effiel tower!) and one formal (Kitty portrait) commission request. The formal request took the LAST offer at $23.99! Looks like I'll be booked for small paintings until mid-July- and large Paintings are on hold until the forest painting is done. (: My prices for small paintings WILL go up, but I promise I won't be in the $400+ margin like many I've seen just yet! Also, as always, my former customers will always get a good deal, (coupons) as well as blog followers. (10%) I will be creating other unique discounts as well- like one specifically for people wanting a portrait of a rescued animal. I don't have the room to rescue more myself- (and Jade might have words with me) but I want to help the cause any way I can- If you rescue, you get a great deal with me!

I have been thinking about creating an artist's website- with detailed options, prices, and sizes. I was thinking of adding a portfolio- and putting more formal documents up like commission agreements with an e-signature, ect. I am also going to offer pencil, pastel and colored pencil options for portraits. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

Thank you so much for reading- I will be online throughout the vacation, so if you want to check back, I may have posted~!