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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Forest Painting Progress... The Eigth and FINAL Day!


Today I picked up some more blue oils (ran out last time) and brought the big painting outside. Of course it was due to rain, so I had to hurry! Within a couple of hours, I starting getting really excited- I could see the finish line, and see the painting done! It really started to pull together, and all the pieces fell into place. It was hard to pull myself away- I could easily work on this painting for months to come. It could go on forever- it's a very complex image. I felt though, that the painting (after many step backs and observations) is finally balanced- and as done as I am going to get in this time frame. I worked on the darkest darks, and the lightest lights, and signed the piece.

I learned a TREMENDOUS amount from this painting. I learned about the time it takes, the process, the costs, and painted something I never have before. I never did a large scale oil of this complexity before. I have done large oil paintings of a face, or a small part of a landscape- but nothing compared to this. I was surprised that it commonly takes 6 months to several years to create a painting like this- and now I can understand why. I spent a couple months- and it could have easily gone on. It's mostly the drying time that slows the process down. It can take up to a year for oil paint to "dry." I used a pricey, but very useful additive to get the paint mostly dry between coats. (Grumbacher 3)

I also learned how much paint a painting like this will need for the future. ( I had no idea before this_) and I also tried out Grumbacher paints for the first time, which are significantly better than the Winsor and Newton oils I was using before. However, I found that whenever I used these new paints, I was very sick the next day- which means I will be switching to another brand. If anyone has any suggestions for a less toxic paint, I am all ears. I painted outside, used a box fan, and wore gloves. I still had unbelievable headaches and nausua the next day- and every day I painted- not just for this painting, but also for the poppy paintings seen below. I couldn't believe the vibrant reds however! I know I am sensitive to many things others aren't- such as cigarette smoke, bleach etc- so I think it's mostly me. I have noticed though, that when the paint dries, it dosen't affect me at all.

I am so excited about this painting- and about it's progress. I have pictured here, my assistant, Jade- (: He's the camera man! We'll be working on a stop-animation of the painting in progress, though it may take some time. He's been slaving away on a new website for me, and I believe we have over 15,000 photos of the painting in progress to trim down! :O It'll be so much fun to finally put it all together and then set some music to it! This was such an adventure!

I have next to finish... that 5 pet portrait ... (near done) then start another pet portrait, and a organization just hired me for their logo creation. After that, a pen and ink of the effiel tower (hopefully) and a huge mural painting on panels! It's been an exciting summer- and I have so much exciting work, I don't know if I even feel like taking that road trip to California I was planning in a month! I might just stay here and paint! :)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

My New Website...

Is being built!

It is a baby..... so make sure you check back in a week or so and it likely will transform!

Check it out!

It will have a gallery, blog links, contracts for commissions, indications for sold or unsold pieces, details on ordering work, hopefully a commission schedule, contact info, and more!

AND I just got my business cards! The only bad thing is that I didn't have the website when I ordered them....

I'm SO excited!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Made some big strides on the forest painting today!

Ok, I know they aren't the BEST pics... but more to come with next posting!

I brought my whole oil painting gear, camping chairs, folding table and huge canvas and all to the arb today~! I painted for a few hours, almost completely changing the bottom half of the painting. It was looking way busy down there so I decided to simplify it. LOTS of compliments by the people walking by- some even walking across the park to get a better look and say nice things.
The painting is about 75% or more done by now. I bought some super nice speed dry a few days ago so the paint should be dry in a day or two. :

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area- Adam's Creek

I lived in Jersey for 7 years... it wasn't really the state for me but I really liked driving out to the water gap to go hiking! I really found sanctuary out there, and I still go to this day whenever I can, even though it's now 10 hours to get there. It's really the only place that I felt truly at home. I know this forest like the back of my hand- and have spent countless hours in it, solo and with friends. It made me feel fresh, alive and rejuvenated. My best friend, Debbie took photos of the forest when I took her one day, and from one of those photos, I did this oil painting some years back. Jade made the frame by hand!
I'm looking forward to possibly FINISHING the forest painting this weekend. It's my goal. We'll see! After it's finished it will need about 2 weeks to dry before I can move it to it's new home, so the sooner it's done, the better!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Example of Pencil Ninja skills...

Barack OBAMA! This was on the cover of Rolling Stone. I can do better. This was a quickie!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Forest Painting Progress... Day Seven

On Sunday, I painted until I ran out of medium! I will have to go the sto' and get some more... there's still alot to do on this painting- I have alot of details to add. I really like the layering effect that is starting to happen, it looks great- much better in person.

Pet Family Portrait Progress Day 5

Worked on Wiggles! Also touched up some color in Bobo's coat- near his tail. The painting is over half done now! I am considering what to do with the background... if anything at all....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pet Family Portrait Progress Day 4

I worked mostly on BOBO tonight- (the doggie)

I went and checked the forest painting... still wet. I am going to put the fan on it and try again tomorrow!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pet Family Portrait Progress Day 3

After a long week of work on Friday night- I set up to paint a bit. I resized Claudius smaller again- (the persian on the far right) and started to block out Bobo's head a bit. (the dog) I honed in on the detail in Ani's face and paws, and more clearly defined wiggles. (the black and white) I also did a bit of work on Anton- but he needs to be enlarged, as he looks too small. So I will change him again, to make him a bit bigger. More work later! Also- forest work. PS.... Click on the photos to zoom in!

Response to customer feedback


I received an email from Kitty, the customer who is having me paint the "pet family" stating what the kitties sizes are in comparison to eachother. It turns out I made the wrong kitties big, and the wrong kitties small. :/ But that's ok! I have begun to make the changes here. There will be more resizing this weekend, after my next session with the forest painting. Sorry it's slow going folks- I am back to my full time job- and painting takes time! So thanks so much for your patience! (: Also- sorry for the low light photos- the only time I have to paint is at night.. where photos go to die... LOL
I can't wait to be done with my full time job to be honest- I'll have another 5 weeks off in just over a month- which is good because my neighbor just asked me to paint a huge outdoor painting for her beautifully newly landscaped garden. We're talking 10 feet or so. It will likely be a huge blown up bunch of gorgeous flowers or butterflies.
Tonight I hope to paint for a couple hours- I'm sure Jade wants to go out as it's Friday and all... but I have some unfinished work to attend to- and I'm particularly excited about how the forest is coming out- it's so close to done!

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