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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 dog painting

This painting is a long time coming!

It was commissioned before last Christmas, but we had to wait on the start due to some photo issues which were resolved only after my 60 hour a week schedule of work/school had restarted. (not including homework, lol) So, I set the date for the painting in March. The beginning of the painting posed an immediate issue. The dog's heads were wide (well, two of them) and took up alot of space horizontally- enough so that standard canvas would not do unless one likes the "squished" look. I stopped progress and ordered a longer style canvas, free of charge to the customer. I will start it back up as soon as canvas and a little free time arrives, which will be soon.

Here's the beginning of the painting. Keep in mind this is just a "sketch" for them most part. It will look nothing like it in the end, but that's the fun of progress photos, right? (:

Thanks for reading

Pup Painting for a friend

Well, I finished this painting in early February, and I'm just posting the photos now. Shameful, really! School and work throw a little wrench in my intentions. However, I am getting invites to join U of M and other universities as my GPA is so high now. I've been working very hard at this, and my love of painting has gone a bit on the back burner. Soon, however, work will have it's summer hiatus, and I will be back on the artistic "ball" so to speak. I have some plans for that time! Here's some photos of Gus, a painting I did for a friend. (the one who commissioned "a forest" see older posts and video.) Thanks for reading!

PS I want to kick myself- I didn't take a final photo of the finished painting. I removed that awful green and it looked 100% better! By the way, this is an oil painting, unusual for my pet portraits. Oil paint takes longer, but is unmatched in color and quality, plus blend ability makes it a much better paint.