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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pup Painting for a friend

Well, I finished this painting in early February, and I'm just posting the photos now. Shameful, really! School and work throw a little wrench in my intentions. However, I am getting invites to join U of M and other universities as my GPA is so high now. I've been working very hard at this, and my love of painting has gone a bit on the back burner. Soon, however, work will have it's summer hiatus, and I will be back on the artistic "ball" so to speak. I have some plans for that time! Here's some photos of Gus, a painting I did for a friend. (the one who commissioned "a forest" see older posts and video.) Thanks for reading!

PS I want to kick myself- I didn't take a final photo of the finished painting. I removed that awful green and it looked 100% better! By the way, this is an oil painting, unusual for my pet portraits. Oil paint takes longer, but is unmatched in color and quality, plus blend ability makes it a much better paint. 


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  1. Glad we did the painting when we did. Gus will have a big scar on his face after a tangle with a muskrat this morning. He is undergoing surgery as I type this. Guess that will just add character!