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Saturday, May 30, 2009

HUGE SALE ON ETSY this Weekend! Some Items are near 50% OFF! Check it out- while it's HOT! I need another SALE! :D

HUGE SALE ON ETSY this Weekend! Some Items are near 50% OFF! Check it out- while it's HOT! I need another SALE! :D

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lady bug baby snug!

Well... Not to puff up my own feathers... but this is pretty darned cute, isn't it? I made it up! Not only that... but I used MICRO SPUN yarn! Do you have ANY idea how exquisitely SOFT micro spun yarn is?! (It's also expensive, but hey!) The yarn is so vibrant too- it's a really nice material. I really liked working with it. It's also very stretchy, which is nice. (:

I couldn't stop at the snug, (baby-sack sounds WAY weird) of course- I HAD to make a ridiculously cute hat to "top" it all off, didn't I? Well, of course I did. Because I'm like that. I'm "OVER THE TOP!>" (did I hear a drum crashing?) :P It wasn't easy figuring out the antennae- I didn't work from a pattern (I'm a REBEL!!!) and it took awhile. All in all it took about 8 hours and $22 in materials to make.

The hat has two little antennae... and a a sweet little crochet flower with a little lady bug on the petal. Who can blame her for stopping by? She's seen the largest, brightest and cutest fellow lady bug ever!

I'm selling this 1 of a kind beaut on etsy- (scarlettfox) but if it dosen't sell... I won't cry much. I LOVE this piece, and I wouldn't mind keeping it for my selfish self! :P If I DO sell it, I'll make another... for me.... OH! I mean... for my future baby. :P Sure, it's a bit pricey- but it'll all be worth it when you see people's head exploding from the cuteness exuding from your baby, who is wearing the most adorable thing on God's green earth. Plus, WHERE are you gonna find something like THIS? And the quality? Forgeddaboutit! Ok. I'll stop tooting my own horn now! :D

BY THE WAY; All my blog-followers GET 10% off ALL my store items, ANY DAY! It's my way of saying "Thank you!" You're the best! :D

Thanks for reading! I'll have more tomorrow!
SOLD ON ETSY last night! My tiny little oil painting of orange birds hangin' out in a tree. (;
I'm gonna add a little detail to it, seal it up and ship it out! I love my customers! :D
I'll be back to post more later... I'm working on some AWESOME projects today!

See you in a few!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little soy yarn baby sweater... (;

SOY yarn??? WTF? you're asking. Yes, it is indeed soy yarn! It's fitted for a new baby... and has beautiful vintage buttons securing it. I have affixed a flat, cloth (as not to bother baby's skin) handmade tag. This little sweater is so soft- surprising for soy! And right now it has NO baby to hug in it's soy-tastic warmth. (sorry couldn't help it) Perfect for summer time- as it's easy to to get on and off, and nights can be chilly! Even better for a baby due in the fall- In August, Sept- or Oct. (just around the corner!) PERFECT for a baby shower..! I can hear it now... "Oh! What a cute sweater!!! Soy? WOW, really? But how? Did you make this? Yes? Can I have the pattern? Where did you get SOY yarn?" Well.. that's what you get for taking! It's avail for just over 20 bucks on my etsy site. I will WAIVE SHIPPING if you conversation me on etsy- and tell me you're from my blog! :D

Thanks for reading... see you tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LONG Dreadlocks...

This is a post to an 11 year work of art. My hair. (:

Poppybox Success!!!

Here it is!

It took FOREVER... First I had to find an image... (an hour) then I had to condition it, then wait- then paint, (2 hours) then stain, then seal the painting, then seal again... etc etc. 6 hours later- it's almost done! Oh, wait- photos! Ok.. 2 hours later... lol Wait! I forgot the hour we spent driving to the store... picking out the boxes etc...

And this is why I don't understand how people can make things like this and ask 19 bucks! I am only going to make a couple of these. I will make another one tomorrow- something completely different. I'm thinking a Pegasus. Yup. A Pegasus!

See you tomorrow!
Scarlett Fox

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scarlettfox (ME!) 3 Sales on Etsy!

I'm so excited because I sold 3 things on my first week!!! I have attached what I sold.... (:
This is great- I wish I could JUST do this for a living! Maybe someday?! I have a few more of these mirrors made- I am experimenting with them too. I'm also painting boxes for sale at the end of the week. (:

Oil paint poisoning?

I woke up this morning in a daze... a massive migraine was just starting. I took 600 mg of ibuprofen. The headache still came- I then took my prescribed pain meds and the headache still overcame me. I am also sick to my stomach, my vision is skewed and I'm dizzy and out of it. I'm pretty sure it's the paint. I could have easily ingested a bit of it yesterday, and it was on my skin. I painted outside, but I tend to be super sensitive to chemicals- even air borne. (cigarette smoke gives me instantanious bronchitis, for example.) I may have to toss in the towel on oils- I know it's the big one- the best of the best, and has the most potential for color and salablitly, but this is ridiculous. Perhaps I can mainly paint in acrylics, and finish in oils. I've done that before and it works nicely. Or perhaps I can just use another medium- like my rembrant pastels. I work well with these, and it's considered "dry painting." The colors are very good- not as vibrant as oils, but still much better than acrylics. I also came across another option for oil painting while searching through dick blick last night... oilbars. These are oil paints in a pastel shape, and don't require brushes, turps, etc. Also, I strongly prefer drawing to painting- so perhaps this is the road for me. Paintings, especially oil- and most especially large ones... scare me. There's the cost, the mess, the mixing, the choice of tools and techniques, the surface, the set up... it's overwhelming. I find drawing to be relaxing. Painting stresses me out. It is so alluring though.. those colors- that intensity- the sizes possible... the boundless opportunity for expression... It's a love hate relationship. The point is, I walk up to that (usually very expensive) canvas... confused.

Maybe it's time to come to terms with that.... for now- and stick to pastels, drawing, colored pencil... and maybe the pastels I have sitting lonely in the drawer upstairs. (: In today's post I included a few pastels I've done. They have a realistic-impressionistic, painterly quality to them.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day... Perfect day for Painting!

Jade stayed home from work today! (: I posted a bunch of paintings on and then headed out to the garden to work on the three poppy paintings I started a few weeks ago. They are supposed to go in my newly finished living room. Oil paintings scare me- especially big ones. I almost never finish them! It seems that whenever I get to them... I have to redo everything, then I get frustrated and confused. Today didn't go badly though- I "finished" two of the paintings- in two very different styles. Which one do you like better? The one on the right was inspired by Carol Nelson- a fantastic artist right here on blogger.

Tweets (:

I love my tweets. (:

Birds give so much to me in their songs... their cheerful demeanor and their beauty. Last year I gave in and started feeding them, providing the perfect opportunity to take some photos to paint/draw from! I am working on a series of likely 12 birds in prismacolor colored pencils. So far, I have done a Baltimore Oriole and a Cardinal. I am planning to do a gold finch next- then a blue Jay, and likely a raven... then an owl... (:

I also started a mini-series on illustrated, more stylized birds, which will likely be 3 pictures total. I will post that one up soon! I just finished all these "tweet" drawings this week!

Happy creating!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I always have at LEAST 12 projects going at once. Just ask Jade. (he's rolling his eyes.)

These projects become sort of personalities within themselves... some even developing voices to speak to me in dreams or in keep me from sleeping at night, urging me to create them. I know that sounds crazy- but that's the way I've always been. (;

One of these projects is my Orchid series. I have an infatuation with orchids, and I would love to paint each and every one of them if I could. Unfortunately, there are over 22,000 orchid species discovered SO FAR in the world. This does NOT include hybrids! (the ones most people see in stores or at shows.) Orchids are everywhere- they're even in Michigan. They are fascinating plants- some growing from the branches of trees in the tropics- some in swamps, others are terrestrial, such as the lady's slippers- and resemble some sort of alien life form.

Many of them have very interesting names- like the one named after Dracula. They are also used for some surprising things... (I quote wiki here)

One orchid genus, Vanilla, is commercially important, used as a foodstuff flavouring.

The underground tubers of terrestrial orchids (mainly Orchis mascula (Early Purple Orchid)) are ground to a powder and used for cooking, such as in the hot beverage salep or the so-called "fox-testicle ice cream" salepi dondurma.

The scent of orchids is frequently analysed by perfumists (using Gas-liquid chromatography) to identify potential fragrance chemicals.

And if you're really a nerd like me, keep reading...

Orchidaceae (or Orchid family) is the largest family of the flowering plants (Angiospermae).[1][2] Its name is derived from the genus Orchis.

The Royal Botanical Gardens of Kew list 880 genera and nearly 22,000 accepted species, but the exact number is unknown (perhaps as many as 25,000)[3] because of taxonomic disputes. The number of orchid species equals about four times the number of mammal species, or more than twice the number of bird species. It also encompasses about 6–11% of all seed plants.[4] About 800 new orchid species are added each year. The largest genera are Bulbophyllum (2,000 species), Epidendrum (1,500 species), Dendrobium (1,400 species) and Pleurothallis (1,000 species). The family also includes the Vanilla (the genus of the vanilla plant), Orchis (type genus) and many commonly cultivated plants like some Phalaenopsis or Cattleya.

Moreover, since the introduction of tropical species in the 19th century, horticulturists have more than 100,000 hybrids and cultivars.

And none of this mentions the sheer unusual beauty they possess.... Anyway. I'm slightly infatuated... lol

Thanks for reading!

More Photos...!

I don't know how to publish multiple images yet on this bloggy thingie! ACK!