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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oil paint poisoning?

I woke up this morning in a daze... a massive migraine was just starting. I took 600 mg of ibuprofen. The headache still came- I then took my prescribed pain meds and the headache still overcame me. I am also sick to my stomach, my vision is skewed and I'm dizzy and out of it. I'm pretty sure it's the paint. I could have easily ingested a bit of it yesterday, and it was on my skin. I painted outside, but I tend to be super sensitive to chemicals- even air borne. (cigarette smoke gives me instantanious bronchitis, for example.) I may have to toss in the towel on oils- I know it's the big one- the best of the best, and has the most potential for color and salablitly, but this is ridiculous. Perhaps I can mainly paint in acrylics, and finish in oils. I've done that before and it works nicely. Or perhaps I can just use another medium- like my rembrant pastels. I work well with these, and it's considered "dry painting." The colors are very good- not as vibrant as oils, but still much better than acrylics. I also came across another option for oil painting while searching through dick blick last night... oilbars. These are oil paints in a pastel shape, and don't require brushes, turps, etc. Also, I strongly prefer drawing to painting- so perhaps this is the road for me. Paintings, especially oil- and most especially large ones... scare me. There's the cost, the mess, the mixing, the choice of tools and techniques, the surface, the set up... it's overwhelming. I find drawing to be relaxing. Painting stresses me out. It is so alluring though.. those colors- that intensity- the sizes possible... the boundless opportunity for expression... It's a love hate relationship. The point is, I walk up to that (usually very expensive) canvas... confused.

Maybe it's time to come to terms with that.... for now- and stick to pastels, drawing, colored pencil... and maybe the pastels I have sitting lonely in the drawer upstairs. (: In today's post I included a few pastels I've done. They have a realistic-impressionistic, painterly quality to them.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!

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