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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Archival Photo Prints

Today I got my photos I ordered from snapfish! Jade and I strung a line... and clipped them up in the garden on this beautiful day to take some photos of them. (:

I really like the morning glories, but I think the forest in Pennslyvania is my favorite! I especially like the one with the winding walkway that leads deep into that lush forest. Did I mention that there were waterfalls everywhere? :D

I am slowly putting these up on I don't know if things like this sell or not... but I've told time and time again that I should try to, as people really seem to love my photos. I don't even have a great camera or anything. I'm hoping to get my hands on one of those soon- before my big road trip in August!

Thanks for reading! By the way, I'm Scarlettfox on etsy if you want to see more of my work!

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