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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Walter Pet Portrait

Today I finally got started on a new pet portrait- on a cute little 5 x 7 gallery wrapped canvas. The subject's name is Walter, and he's just a handsome boy! (:

I am really having fun with his curly fur, and his great shaped face.

He's a surprise gift- for someone who loves and misses him very much- I hope to capture his character as much as I can. He's not done- I'm hoping either tomorrow or next Saturday he'll be ready to ship. (As I work Mon-Fri)

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Progress on a new poppy box!

Here it is! I worked on it for the second half of the day- going to switch the latch out to something much more high quality- and brass!

Here's the photos- I got another box unexpectedly- so I'll be making one more!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kaleb Progress!

I tried like hell... and couldn't get the right combo of colors to match this gorgeous kitty's coat! I ordered some paint from Jerry's Artorama to see if I can match it better!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crochet MANIAC!

Holy Toledo I've been busy lately!

I sold 4, yes FOUR of these sweaters on etsy this week! Woot! I also posted a few more new sweaters in my store!

I also sold a gorgeous lady bug costume to a very nice lady in California.

I also got a THIRD order for the O' Keefe jewelry box, and another pet portrait order! I hope things pick up even more for the holidays!

If you wanted something... I'd contact me or buy now- I'm booked up through part of November already! Happy times. :D

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Never thought I'd see the day!

But I cut my dreadies... and then got a cute haircut! Then, posted my 18" dreadlocks on ebay for sale! Turns out they're worth a bit of money! I could use it for college!

Check it out!

Dreadlocks for sale!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Movie Release "A Forest"

Ok, I know I've been slacking around here!

Dailyblog my foot! :}

Well, I've been so busy with my chef job and also to the gills with orders for Halloween, I haven't had a chance to take pictures!

Current projects;

2 Custom Ladybug outfits for 2 very sweet little girls for Halloween
1 Kaleb Pet portrait
1 5 Pet portrait, near finished

OH! And the most exciting news of all... a film was made- a time lapse piece on the creation of "A forest" (see photos and blog about the painting below) and put on youtube! Check it out- it's over 4 months of work in just 7 minutes, and it came out rather well, if I must say so! Thank you so much to Jade and Cynthia for making this all happen. xoxoxoxo for both of you!

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