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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little soy yarn baby sweater... (;

SOY yarn??? WTF? you're asking. Yes, it is indeed soy yarn! It's fitted for a new baby... and has beautiful vintage buttons securing it. I have affixed a flat, cloth (as not to bother baby's skin) handmade tag. This little sweater is so soft- surprising for soy! And right now it has NO baby to hug in it's soy-tastic warmth. (sorry couldn't help it) Perfect for summer time- as it's easy to to get on and off, and nights can be chilly! Even better for a baby due in the fall- In August, Sept- or Oct. (just around the corner!) PERFECT for a baby shower..! I can hear it now... "Oh! What a cute sweater!!! Soy? WOW, really? But how? Did you make this? Yes? Can I have the pattern? Where did you get SOY yarn?" Well.. that's what you get for taking! It's avail for just over 20 bucks on my etsy site. I will WAIVE SHIPPING if you conversation me on etsy- and tell me you're from my blog! :D

Thanks for reading... see you tomorrow!


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