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Friday, May 29, 2009

Lady bug baby snug!

Well... Not to puff up my own feathers... but this is pretty darned cute, isn't it? I made it up! Not only that... but I used MICRO SPUN yarn! Do you have ANY idea how exquisitely SOFT micro spun yarn is?! (It's also expensive, but hey!) The yarn is so vibrant too- it's a really nice material. I really liked working with it. It's also very stretchy, which is nice. (:

I couldn't stop at the snug, (baby-sack sounds WAY weird) of course- I HAD to make a ridiculously cute hat to "top" it all off, didn't I? Well, of course I did. Because I'm like that. I'm "OVER THE TOP!>" (did I hear a drum crashing?) :P It wasn't easy figuring out the antennae- I didn't work from a pattern (I'm a REBEL!!!) and it took awhile. All in all it took about 8 hours and $22 in materials to make.

The hat has two little antennae... and a a sweet little crochet flower with a little lady bug on the petal. Who can blame her for stopping by? She's seen the largest, brightest and cutest fellow lady bug ever!

I'm selling this 1 of a kind beaut on etsy- (scarlettfox) but if it dosen't sell... I won't cry much. I LOVE this piece, and I wouldn't mind keeping it for my selfish self! :P If I DO sell it, I'll make another... for me.... OH! I mean... for my future baby. :P Sure, it's a bit pricey- but it'll all be worth it when you see people's head exploding from the cuteness exuding from your baby, who is wearing the most adorable thing on God's green earth. Plus, WHERE are you gonna find something like THIS? And the quality? Forgeddaboutit! Ok. I'll stop tooting my own horn now! :D

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Thanks for reading! I'll have more tomorrow!

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