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Friday, July 3, 2009

Response to customer feedback


I received an email from Kitty, the customer who is having me paint the "pet family" stating what the kitties sizes are in comparison to eachother. It turns out I made the wrong kitties big, and the wrong kitties small. :/ But that's ok! I have begun to make the changes here. There will be more resizing this weekend, after my next session with the forest painting. Sorry it's slow going folks- I am back to my full time job- and painting takes time! So thanks so much for your patience! (: Also- sorry for the low light photos- the only time I have to paint is at night.. where photos go to die... LOL
I can't wait to be done with my full time job to be honest- I'll have another 5 weeks off in just over a month- which is good because my neighbor just asked me to paint a huge outdoor painting for her beautifully newly landscaped garden. We're talking 10 feet or so. It will likely be a huge blown up bunch of gorgeous flowers or butterflies.
Tonight I hope to paint for a couple hours- I'm sure Jade wants to go out as it's Friday and all... but I have some unfinished work to attend to- and I'm particularly excited about how the forest is coming out- it's so close to done!

Thanks for reading!

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