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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Forest Painting Progress... The Eigth and FINAL Day!


Today I picked up some more blue oils (ran out last time) and brought the big painting outside. Of course it was due to rain, so I had to hurry! Within a couple of hours, I starting getting really excited- I could see the finish line, and see the painting done! It really started to pull together, and all the pieces fell into place. It was hard to pull myself away- I could easily work on this painting for months to come. It could go on forever- it's a very complex image. I felt though, that the painting (after many step backs and observations) is finally balanced- and as done as I am going to get in this time frame. I worked on the darkest darks, and the lightest lights, and signed the piece.

I learned a TREMENDOUS amount from this painting. I learned about the time it takes, the process, the costs, and painted something I never have before. I never did a large scale oil of this complexity before. I have done large oil paintings of a face, or a small part of a landscape- but nothing compared to this. I was surprised that it commonly takes 6 months to several years to create a painting like this- and now I can understand why. I spent a couple months- and it could have easily gone on. It's mostly the drying time that slows the process down. It can take up to a year for oil paint to "dry." I used a pricey, but very useful additive to get the paint mostly dry between coats. (Grumbacher 3)

I also learned how much paint a painting like this will need for the future. ( I had no idea before this_) and I also tried out Grumbacher paints for the first time, which are significantly better than the Winsor and Newton oils I was using before. However, I found that whenever I used these new paints, I was very sick the next day- which means I will be switching to another brand. If anyone has any suggestions for a less toxic paint, I am all ears. I painted outside, used a box fan, and wore gloves. I still had unbelievable headaches and nausua the next day- and every day I painted- not just for this painting, but also for the poppy paintings seen below. I couldn't believe the vibrant reds however! I know I am sensitive to many things others aren't- such as cigarette smoke, bleach etc- so I think it's mostly me. I have noticed though, that when the paint dries, it dosen't affect me at all.

I am so excited about this painting- and about it's progress. I have pictured here, my assistant, Jade- (: He's the camera man! We'll be working on a stop-animation of the painting in progress, though it may take some time. He's been slaving away on a new website for me, and I believe we have over 15,000 photos of the painting in progress to trim down! :O It'll be so much fun to finally put it all together and then set some music to it! This was such an adventure!

I have next to finish... that 5 pet portrait ... (near done) then start another pet portrait, and a organization just hired me for their logo creation. After that, a pen and ink of the effiel tower (hopefully) and a huge mural painting on panels! It's been an exciting summer- and I have so much exciting work, I don't know if I even feel like taking that road trip to California I was planning in a month! I might just stay here and paint! :)

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