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Monday, June 8, 2009

Commission Pet Portrait of "Wellie."

Ok... Missing eye... chewed up ear... Half of a tail (not pictured) what gives?!

Today I got a sale at etsy in the featured seller chat room... a fellow New Yorker put a down payment on a commissioned pet portrait! She wants to surprise her husband with this painting... and what a character this pet turned out to be!

Wellie, or Wellington, as he's formally called... was rescued from a cardboard box near a closed bar in Brooklyn New York. He was rescued- and given treatment... and a loving home! I get the feeling this kitteh recently passed away? And this painting might serve as a reminder of him. (:

I'm doing the painting in artist's quality acrylics on an 8 x 10 primed canvas... here's Day ONE'S work... Stay tuned for the completed portrait! I plan on finishing up the banner- putting his name on it, and making catnip grow up from the bottom of the painting- his favorite thing! I really have to fight myself to not paint a collar on him- collars look so awesome against black fur!

I am having more fun painting Wellie due to his unusual features! What a character!

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  1. awww:( poor kitty! What a cute portrait so far! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. yeah... his first part of life was apparently quite hard! He was SOOO Loved after adoption tho, if it's any consolation! I bet he even didn't mind that he was a one-eyed ragged earred half tailed cat after awhile! :D

    I should be done tomorrow afternoon~!

  3. I love it! Just one thing - it was his left eye that had to be removed :) Love the background color too. Wonderful work!

  4. The photo turned the image around!
    The it's correct on the actual painting, I swear!