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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poppies, 3 ways! COMPLETE!

I have finally (after MONTHS of work) Completed my Poppies. Because they were done in traditional oils, I had to wait long periods of time between layers. Today, I threw in the towel! (well, I actually threw "OUT" the towel...!) I signed my name and there you have it! I am planning to sell what ever paintings I can right now, as I am just finishing a 6 week bout of being unemployed... (I just went back to work yesterday full time!) Any revenue I can generate now would be great- just to begin to cover the art supplies! (: (darned expensive, I tell you! But OH so worth it...)

If you see a poppy painting you like, let me know. There has been ALOT of attention on these paintings from interested potential buyers, but I didn't have them up for sale yet. I will likely put these up for real on Etsy in the next week or so, and if I do, someone else might have their eye on them!

How much, you ask? GREAT prices, I respond! Check around! These paintings are 4 foot long- VERY large, hand stretched, are created with high quality oils and non- yellowing medium, and will be shipped to you next day. I have painted the edges, leaving framing as an option, and not a necessity.

These paintings are up for sale at my website,

If you have a coupon from a previous purchase, feel free to use them. Current commission customers receive 25% off if wanting to make a completed artwork purchase. (this counts as a coupon)

I will be starting to show progress on a new pet portrait very soon- perhaps as early as tomorrow. The forest painting will be a bit slow going as I'm getting to the last few layers, and the paint is going on thick. (takes forever to dry, even with the special medium and fans) I will work on the pet portraits (there's actually two_) in between the time I have on the forest painting. It's getting close though!

Thanks so much for reading!

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