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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Just a simple little painting I did a couple weeks ago that I never got around to posting! I actually worked a bit on the forest painting today- I will post pics tomorrow!

As for the Spook; AKA Spookers, Spookety, Spooks, Spookit-from-Nantookit; I made her out of acrylics and acrylic gel medium. She's on a tiny canvas of 4 x 6 inches. She just loves her Daddy so much- and to roll, roll, roll outside, showing her soft belly and her white patches of fur. She's got a meow that sounds as if one stepped on a frog. And she sings to herself in the basement stairwell. Did I mention she loves her Daddy? Daddy and Spooks have "pets" time almost every night. It's a ritual. Spooks lays on Daddy, and gets her pets. Afer about an hour, she simply gets up, and has a snack. Pets time is over. Spook loves pets ALMOST as much as food.... She's quite rotound, our little miss Pookit.

I am selling teeny tiny paintings like this for $23.99 plus shipping on my etsy- for just THREE customers. 8 x 10's in a more serious style (or not) are also being made and are available- just contact me! I LOVE doing pet portraits! whatever you dream up, I will try my best to create!


  1. he is so cute - I love the texture in the paint.

  2. I just love my POOKERS! She just rolls around... She's so funny cuz she's super fat and furry and o so soft- but she has this tiny delicate spindly little legs! AND she sounds like a damn FROG when she meows! It kills me! LOL