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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Forest Painting Progress... Day Five/Six

Well, I finally got a chance to work on Cynthia's forest painting today! It was beautiful outside- so I used this to my advantage and painted for quite awhile. It looks like now that I'm more than half done, that there will be about 5 days to a week between layers, because it takes that long to dry, as my paint becomes thicker and more pure toward the last few layers. This happens because I add less thinning agent as the work progresses. I figure I'll need 3 more layers- MAYBE four to finish. I've been adding details to the birch trees, and adding more trees in general. I'm using the Japan fast dry medium in liberal quantities- to speed the drying process up. I began to really layer the subtle ground colors (with a magenta-purple base) mimicking the photo I'm working from. The painting is taking on an impressionistic-modern feel with obvious paint strokes and a thick texture. I have been outside in full view of my neighbors, and have gotten quite alot of positive feedback on those passing by. The photos here show the progress from the session before I left for vacation (that I never posted photos for until now) and today's progress. (:

Feel free to comment! (Especially you, Cynthia! You're co-piloting here if you like!)

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