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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tweeeetle tweet tweet!

Mr. Blue bird is quite the handsome fellow. He's as vibrant as they come- and charming to boot. Yes, he's quite the ladies man... or shall I say "chick's" man? No.. I shall NOT say that. It is BAD.

Mr. Blue bird's real name is "Greater Glossy Eared Starling" Never heard of such a thing? Well, you gotta see this!

Now THAT'S a PRETTY BIRD, wouldn't you agree? :)

What's really quite awesome about this prismacolor drawing is... that you can literally turn it in any direction... and it looks right. It's kind Escher- like. Also- I'm actually selling it framed/Matted, at cost. (:

I'm 90% done (not pictured here) with a box with this exact image on it- except the background is
purple. I will post as soon as it's done! First... to catch up with the 5 etsy orders placed last night! (;

Thanks for reading!

Scarlett Fox

OY! SPEAKING of "tweets!" I broke down and joined TWITTER!
I'm scarlettfox1


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