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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, ain't a a creative whirlwind as of late? My house is littered with art projects everywhere- a canvas roll here, a display table there... a paint brush cup here- 4 half finished paintings there, a scanner on the floor, unfinished boxes I plan to paint- 16 ikea mirrors in a bag near my feet... lol

I'm just as busy as a beaver over here! I got 2 more orders this weekend- for another mirror, (my best seller) and for a customized etsy banner! (the graphic strip on the top of the sellers main store page) This is technically my FIRST graphics job! How cools is THAT?

I made like 18 beautiful blank greeting cards- all day yesterday after someone suggested I offer items in the lower price range. Here's some of my work!

I may be back later... but I have a GOGOL BORDELLO concert tonight in the "D" and ALOT of work to do, plus I gotz to clean this house... AGAIN! I am thinking though- what's the point? It'll be an art mess in 24 hours again anyway..... Oh, le-sigh. (:

C U laterz!


  1. Purple and red is one of my favorite colour combos. Love your stuff. And personally, I always opt for the NOT cleaning when it's an option!

  2. HA! I'm SO with you guys!

    You know FOUR of these cards SOLD already? The purple and red ones are POPULAR! Looks like you two gotz some good taste. (;