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Friday, June 12, 2009

Forest Painting Progress... Day Four!

It was FINALLY nice out today... so I set up shop outside! The oil paint fumes will give me a massive migraine tomorrow, so it's best outside. I EVEN BROUGHT a FAN OUTSIDE! Call me crazy- but you don't know the headaches I get the next day!

Anyway- the painting was extra fun tonight. I really laid on heavy, thick paint. As it builds, I will use thicker and thicker paint- and get more details in. I think you can really see the layering showing through at this point- and it will only get better!

Because I really slathered it on- I am sure it will take a bit longer to dry this time. I figure it will be a day or more until I can go back at it- or I will mix colors that shouldn't be. I might do a little more "detail" work tomorrow though. i will post pics!

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  1. It's really starting to take shape - looking more and more like I imagined - even better.

  2. Thank so much! I am REALLY enjoying painting this- My favorite part, hands down are the birch trees!