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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Commission Poppy Paintings

I made this painting by request for a
customer last year... to go with her living room. (: She LOVED it ! The painting is 16 x 20- but I can make another (in pretty much any color) to match your room in near any size!

ALL my followers on my blog or twitter automatically get 10% off all
my work! You guys rock! :D

To commission a painting from me,
just go to my etsy... (link is on the top of the page) and when you got to my shop- click "request custom item" under my little profile pic on the right side. You will be taken to a form called "alchemy" which is etsy's way of saying "commission." Enter what you'd like, the price you'd like to pay, and the date. The form is easy to fill out, and I will recieve the request. Then I'll respond, and we can talk details. (:

I LOVE commission work- especially when it's a challenge!

Thanks for reading!


  1. really beautiful work! congratulations! You make great things!

  2. Thanks SO MUCH! :D

    I will keep making them I hope!

    Thank you for reading!