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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forest Painting Progress... Day ONE

I was just recently commissioned to do a large painting of a gorgeous forest by a friend. She gave me the photo- and it was immediately captivating. There are so many soft colors- and a few bold (sugar maples) that seem alive!

I bought the canvas yesterday (see yesterday's post) and I began the painting today! I originally set up outside...but then the rain came in- so with Jade's help we moved it upstairs into the spare bedroom. Did I mention... that we are doing a stop-animation of the whole process? today we took over 3,500 photos ALONE for the project. My plan is to put this video on youtube. (:

So here it is... day ONE! Expect a few more posts on the progress of this painting- it's in oils, so it needs time to dry a bit between coats.

Thanks for reading!

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