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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Work resuming on Saturday, will go strong for a week or more.

Hello Everyone!

I am so wrapped up at work (I also have a full time, demanding management job) and finishing up a few customer's orders (in chronological order) the past couple days I have not been able to get to some of the projects I had hoped to this week. It's alright though, because the weekend is coming, then I have a week off, then another weekend! That's 9 days! I'll be able to do Nessie, The new Kitty (charlie?) and start any other painting. If you want anything else done... NOW is the time! I will have about 60 hours to work these next days, and I'm counting on YOU to keep me busy! Anytime not taken by a customer will be spent on making gifts for the holidays. (paintings!)

I apologize for those waiting- I promise I haven't been slacking for one instant! I have however, fixed up Finn, worked more on Boo Boo, and took care of a customer's graphic order who has been waiting patiently. Nessie is next priority and should take just a couple days. Then the three dog portrait if that's still happening, then Charlie. At night, I'm crocheting a new sweater for a customer who had sizing issues. (my fault, sorry Amy!)

Thanks for you're patience!


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  1. Sounds busy indeed! The best of luck finishing all of your orders!