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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walter, a bit more red

Before and After!

Here's the Walter Portrait which I think... might be complete! By the way, blog readers, are you

aware that you can click on the photos in this blog, and it will zoom in so you can see more


Also- I started a poppy mirror (new product) and worked (in vain) on the poppy box.

It's harder than it seams to seal paper onto wood without creases - and to get it cut down to

perfect size. It's also, I have found, impossible to cover up the marks left by the old hardware, even

with wood filler, a good sanding, 3 applications of woods stain, and 2 applications of sealant. It

appears I'll have to be creative in replacing this hardware so it looks nice. Didn't think it would

more than 20 minutes to do this. Oh, well! Live and learn, right? It's beautiful regardless- and

I'm not shipping it until it's perfect.

Thanks for reading!

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