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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finn Progress!

I worked on Finn's portrait nearly all day!

Here's the results....


  1. He has a similar face to our Gus. Is there time to get his portrait done by Christmas?

  2. Whenever I hear the name "Gus" I think of the fat little mouse "GusGus" from Disney's Cinderella. Remember him? He was the best. (:

    Yes, I do think there is time! I have Nessie to finish (an hour or so) Charlie (5 hours) and then just finishing up a couple of ones almost done (4 more hours tops) and a sweater. That's all! That's only about 3 days work. I have lots of time this week- and lots of time between xmas and jan 6 for valentine's orders. :D